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Custom Cufflinks

A pair of Custom Cufflinks makes a creative conversation starter or unique Corporate Gift. Have our Graphics Team create a unique “3D” expression of your LOGO in a very usable cuff link…  See samples of ones we created below.

Lowest Minimum Order * 3 Free Designs * Free Shipping/Handling

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Material and Quantity


Our Cuff Links are crafted from Top Quality Brass with copper plating.

Matching Fabric Cuff Links are crafted from the dame tie fabric as your woven or silk printed tie.

Minimum Order Quantity: 100 pieces of each design   (50 pairs)


We provide 3 FREE computer graphic designs.

To begin your project:
(1) Fill out the order form detailing your project information (colors, design ideas, logo, etc.)
(2) Email your pre-designed logo or completed artwork as a high resolution pdf or jpeg file.

Optional Features, Shipping and Delivery

Packaging: Cuff links will come packaged as pairs in individual plastic bags.

Shipping and handling are included in the price quote!!
• Ground FedEx Shipping is used unless express shipping is requested.
• Pre-production sample usually arrives  within 3-4 weeks of project initiation.
• Full order arriving within 3-4 weeks from final sample approval.
• Express Shipping will be charged at an additional rate.