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Custom Gift Boxes

Present your tie or scarf in classic white gift boxes with custom labels, Or… Customize a gift box with your LOGO and signature colors.


Use Grandisle Gift Boxes or We can Create Custom Gift Boxes

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Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes: Crafted from sturdy card board and come as 2 piece–top and bottom.
Classic White Tie Box: 14” length  x  5” width  x  ¾” height.
Classic White Scarf Box: 9 5/8” length  x  7 ½” width  x  ½” height.
Custom Tie Box/ Cuff Link Combo: 9 1/4” length  x  4” wide  x  1 ½” height.


Peel off Labels: High quality gloss with screen printed on roll.
Labels available in:
Oval: 4” length  x  3” width.
Square: 4” length  x  4” width.

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

Custom Printed Boxes: 100 pieces.
Custom Printed Labels: 100 pieces.


Our computer graphics department can mock up a label for your approval.
We will use Pantone Color matching system for your color printing needs.